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Energy Research Plasma Harmonics  cosmic-energy attraction vortex fields strangeattractor mag hexa mag fldELECTRON and GAUSS flow creation by Pete
Magnetism   Coronial-rain-solar-storm-NASA earth sun fields earth mag torus col toroid mag 139 - The magnetic vortex 2
Superconduction    3telescopein doughnut fractal
Water, Soil & Air Technology Vortex ~        Schauberger dynamics by Callum Coats ~  The Extraordinary Nature of Water   turb implosvortex thermalVORTEX EGG VS AVORTEX double helix in pipe side viewVORTEX gold inside hyperbola4817 - Energy primary -  Form secondary
Egg and Hyperbolic Maths ~ CONE HERENCE  by Callum Coats   vortex above angled colorbubble Egg2
Fractal Maths  367_29_04_09_7_59_36 Alice Springs 1
Wetlands  frog green flower
Forestry  energy-of-life
Oceanography  fin-whale_1_460x230 4014695998_1cded6e55e_b
Biology neurosphere gage Untitled2
Sound FA-18_Hornet_breaking_sound_barrier_(7_July_1999)
Music and Dance